Why Should You Hire An Immigration Lawyer?

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These lawyers play a crucial role in the society. Perhaps, if you’ve never been an immigrant, you’ll never fully appreciate the role of an immigration lawyer. Immigration matters can be tough and complicated to understand. Working with an immigration attorney can save you much heartache, frustration and time in trying to sort out the numerous immigration requirements.

Immigration lawyers use most of their time trying to assist persons who are having trouble in dealing with immigration requirements. Here are more reasons why you need to hire an immigration lawyer.

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The role of an immigration lawyer is like that of a counselor or an advisor to immigrants and foreign citizens in a foreign country. Immigration attorneys provide guidance and advice in matters concerning visa applications, citizenship, green card application and naturalization. They also handle deportation issues as well as employment for immigrants and non-citizens.

Immigration document submission

Immigration lawyers are also efficient in handling immigration documents. In fact, most people hire an immigration lawyer to assist them in submitting an application for some immigration documents like a passport or a visa. This is essential especially if one is unable to fully understand or grasp the numerous requirements under the immigration law.

Conviction of a criminal offense

There are certain situations or instances when having an immigration attorney is necessary. For example, if an alien applicant has been condemned of any crime. It can be tough for the applicant to defend himself in a foreign land personally. To begin with, most states require an applicant to disclose their entire criminal records for even the charges that were canceled or dropped. An immigration attorney is well-placed o handle such a case better than even a criminal lawyer as he understands how criminal law and immigration law overlap.

Advice on denied immigration application

If your earlier immigration application was denied, then you should consider talking to an immigration lawyer other than giving up. An immigration attorney is an expert in such matters and can help you determine why your application was rejected. Also, he can tell you if it’s possible to re-apply or appeal the application now or later in the future.

Employment visa

cdbsvfbrvhvIf you’re seeking an employment-based visa, but your prospective employer isn’t assisting with immigration issues, it would be advisable that you contact an immigration lawyer. Processing for Employment-based visa application processing can be very complicated. But, an immigration attorney can help fast-track this process.